Art is an ongoing exploration of the relationship of self, art and nature. This collection is based on the idea of an interconnected energy that flows through everything and incorporates ancestral cosmology, primordial pulse, and layers of life cycles.
It draws the sight to life; rich in diversity, forms, and colors as a way to connect more deeply with the world.
Colors are layered in sinuous lines and structured cells of dynamic growth to manifest on paper the vibrant spirit of nature and lively expression. The lines become new positive metaphors for the human presence on earth and the potential of implementing new concepts of form, space and time in contemporary ecological practices.


Earth Pigments
There is nothing comparable to the deep sense of knowing when I sit with the earth and in gratitude understand how she holds and sustains me. Constantly curious about the connection and interconnection between nature, art and self.
Making my own paints from pigments, minerals I have found (these in the Precordillera de los Andes) is more than just an artistic practice. It is rooted in reverence and respect. Aligned with a way of living and being in the world.

Delicate earth constellations, Fine lines across the surface.
Elegant, Limpid, Sensuous
An interplay of line, layered language of form and texture with distant echos of the ancient ones.
Intersections which open, open into growth, sprouting, breathing outward.