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Marisa Anna Govin is an artist focused on sustainability, ecology and the environment. Her artwork encourages the sustainability of the earth through the intrigue of the subject itself. It draws the sight to life; rich in diversity, forms, and colors as a way to connect more deeply with the world, promoting the discovery of natural resources and their conservation. Through her long term project Substrates , Marisa is dedicated to illuminating the seismic shift of core values regarding agricultural development and the restoration of the natural environment. This body of work explores practices that address the necessity of conservation of the biosphere and sustainable cultivation, reminding us why they were once a celebrated part of cultural identity.

The process of art production stems from the concept of substrates not only as the substance that supports life and growth but also as the idea underlying the painting. Colors are layered in sinuous lines and structured cells of dynamic growth to manifest on paper the vibrant spirit of nature and lively expression. The lines become new positive metaphors for the human presence on earth and the potential of implementing new concepts of form, space and time in contemporary ecological practices.

Incorporating images of sustainable agricultural practices and ancient wisdom of pre-Colombian cosmic views to represent the organic interconnectedness of man and his environment, the work embodies a dialogue between the visible and invisible orders of life and form part of the activities of vital exchange and cyclic renovation of all living beings.

Marisa Anna Govin is an Artist, Art Educator and Designer. A chosen camino , the life of Marisa has always been woven with art and culture. Marisa studied Fine Arts at Universidad Museo Social Argentino and later continued her studies at Universidad de Cuyo specializing in Artistic Ceramics. An active artist and art educator during her formative years, Marisa established her path in the arts while finding her own expressive language and personal style that continues to define her art now. Marisa continues to view art as an integral part of life experiences, drawing from a deep connection to nature and cultural tradition in the Americas. With more than ten years of experience as a studio artist she has developed a strong sense of artistic identity which is shared in her exhibits and community events. Her work has been shown throughout the US, Canada, and South America. As an art educator, and currently working as the artistic director at a school, her methodologies prioritize enabling students to understand, identify and nurture their creative potential and to find innovative solutions to communicating through artistic expression.

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