Our place of belonging
What does this human body reveal, what is the meaning of the footprints we leave on the ground in front of who have gone before us? Signs of presence that has become absent, silhouettes of lines and layers of clay, minerals that are definitively collective, universal. The intimate, personal, and at the same time universal body, the first means to know and be known from the exterior, the tool with which our relationship with the world and the other is built.

Marisa Govin is an artist that focuses on sustainability, ecology and social activism. Her artwork encourages the sustainability of the earth through the intrigue of the subject itself. A dialogue of both ecological philosophy and social movement that draws on environmental studies, critiques of modernity and science, and feminist critical analyses and activism to illuminate connections between women and nature, and the implications of these relationships for environmental practices. core values regarding agricultural development and the restoration of the natural environment that summarizes key connections contributing to the development of this interdisciplinary and social movement of liberation of the oppressed and nature.

What the Art Says

Delicate earth constellations, fine lines across the surface. Elegant, Limpid, Sensuous. An interplay of line, layered language of form and texture with distant echoes of the ancient ones. Intersections which open, open into growth, sprouting, breathing outward.

It chooses its own course and goes along with it, in this way, makes no mistakes. It is vibrating a vital pulsation of returning but never coming back to the same place, an endless ritual of life, death and rebirth. And so in this dance it is the force of will, impulse, courage and clarity.

Connection can be many things
The space between two breaths
That silence that speaks in a language without words
Clay between the toes

Let’s build something together.